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What a ride

What a wild ride it's been in such a short time.

Juggling my own recovery, the ups and downs, being a Dad, and all the events in between. I look back and I'm pretty amazed at what's been achieved.

I've put a brief timeline here of the journey so far >>

Here's a bit of what we've done so far with tracks4life, and I can't wait to see where the next year takes us.

In 2015 we talked Mental Illness and Suicide Prevention on a 6,000km round trip between Central Qld and Victoria.

Held 4 awareness rides and a 4WD Camping event with nearly 40 4WD's.

In 2016 the 1st Rural Toolbox talks through drought areas to Longreach, held an awareness ride in North Queensland, facilitated a Men's Health and Wellbeing group in Mackay, Qld and in June 2016 kicked off Speak up.

And so much more.

Thanks again to everyone for the support, it means everything and we're really making a difference out there supporting each other and our Mates.

Whilst I'm not trying to work out these websites, I'm out talking, organising the awareness events and doing what I can for suicide prevention and keeping my own Mental Health in order, so I'm more than humbled to know you're still following and supporting with the changes that have been occurring.

Find the awareness events and Toolbox Talks at:

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